Battle Of The Ultrawide Monitors – Dell Ultrasharp 49 vs Samsung CHG90

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There are two 49 inch monitors to choose from and we have them both in this side by side comparison. One is best for gaming, the other is geared more toward productivity. Both are excellent, but there can only be one winner in the battle for best 49 inch ultrawide monitor. We compared the Dell Ultrasharp 49 vs. Samsung CHG90 to see which comes out on top.



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  1. Give me a Gsync wariant and ill buy it imidietly , Freesync montiors run on AMD , and nobody who plays high end gaming system, uses AMD, cose AMDs best cards are not up to the task of running a monitor with resoluution same as having 2x 1440p monitors

  2. What laptop are you powering this with? I'm considering purchasing one of these for use with a Dell XPS 15, but I'm unsure as to whether the laptop can drive the Dell UltraSharp 49" at the full 60hz

  3. nice review, Thanks for that! i´m still not shure wich i gonna buy. I like gaming but also seeking for a Monitor for my Homeoffice… Also as an Musician i like the new format because it give me more Space for my DAW (e.g. Steinberg Cubase)
    Greetings from Germany and keep going

  4. What if the requirements are both (Professional/business oriented & gaming as well), which one to go for without keeping the price as a factor ?

    And which ultrawide or immersive gaming monitor do you suggest according to you ? (Obviously keeping price not as an deciding factor)

  5. No reason to get freesync when amd cards are so far behind. And i would never get a 1080p res, after gaming on higher. I would wait for a least 1440p with gsync or the new line of amd cards. I would also wait for true hdr of at least 1000 nits. Shame that monitors are so far behind tv's right now.

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