Awesome Tech You Can't Buy Yet – February 17, 2019: Robots that Speak in GIFs and Space-Age Gardens

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At any given moment, there are approximately a zillion different crowdfunding campaigns happening on the web. Take a stroll through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find no shortage of weird, useless, and downright stupid projects out there — alongside some real gems. We’ve cut through the fidget spinners and janky iPhone cases to round up the most unusual, ambitious, and exciting new crowdfunding projects out there this week. Keep in mind that any crowdfunding project — even…


  1. Why do people act like, once water is used, it just "disappears" never to be seen again? If you live in California or Nevada, yeah you're fucked, but the rest of the country is drowning in water. I've been waiting on my backyard to dry out for a month.

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