Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Automation often seems like a scary new problem, but it’s neither entirely scary nor entirely new.

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  1. So… For every job a robot takes away how many jobs do you create to:
    1) design the robot
    2) engineer the robot
    3) service the robot
    4) teach the people to design, engineer, and service the robot
    5) improve & innovate the robot

    I'd also love to know how much more the individuals that do those jobs get paid compared to the minimum wage worker the robot replaced and the difference in income taxes collected for those higher-paid jobs.

  2. Automation is inevitable, and with American republicans behind the wheel those jobs are gonna go bye bye and the unemployed luddite sycophants will blame the liberal Chinese illuminati Mexicans and other boogeymen for all their woes like they do, and not realizing their god kings were the ones who automated and outsourced those jobs in the first place. Basically the same thing they’ve been doing for years.

  3. The hitchhiking robot hitched its way through Canada and several countries in Europe before being destroyed in Philadelphia. I'm genuinely not sure the "it could have happened anywhere" comment wasn't sarcastic. 😛

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