Audible gasps as Matthew Whitaker clashes with chairman

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker tells House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler that his “five minutes are up” when asked if President Trump ever requested that Whitaker take action against special counsel Robert Mueller. #CNN #News #Whitaker


  1. This shine top motherfucker is another disgraceful, lying, deceptive, arrogant, jerk off trot out by that fucking stupid asshole they call a president. Another complete insult to the people of the USA, from this totally flawed, corrupt, administration. Nice job.

  2. Nadler is not the right person for this line of questioning.he's out of his league. Nadler may be a good man and quite smart, however, he is unskilled with dealing with this level of treachery.

  3. Could anyone tell me what exactly is the "punishment" for not cooperating? This guy doesn't seem to give one single shit about anything. What does the "House can compell individuals…" actually mean, if anything?

  4. Oh now it's obstruction when someone who is a Republican does exactly what the Democrats do when they are in the hot seat. Tough Do Do. I am loving this guy to death. Screw these democratic joke members with their stupid question and trying to lead the witness.

  5. Whitaker is a bulldog, I don’t see this going anywhere. Trump won and there is nothing they can do about it. Asking unintelligent questions because they are mad they lost, is wasting the money that I work hard for and then pay in taxes. Whitaker needs to launch an investigation on all of these people.

  6. LIBTARD ALERT your comment are ridiculous. many of the questions Lee asked him were for his OPINION about things, as well as information involving things in an ongoing investigation. the questions are all embedded with all kinds of assumptions involving opinions, to which any yes or no answer would be extended to all the parts of the question. this is an interrogation technique frequently used in totalitarian states to start the brainwashing process. (read Robert Jay Lifton: "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism" on this subject) he does in fact give an detailed answer starting at 4:11. further, bad news for you guys: as per the news a few weeks ago, according to those in the know about the mueller investigation, there will be no presidential indictments or impeachment.

  7. another collection of jackass's making a fool of them self
    democrats grandstanding , framing questions that can not be answered
    americans will pay for this unfortunate turn of putting stupid democrats in the house as a majority

  8. "audible gasps, clashes with chairman" Are you kidding? He made a joke and everyone laughed. Just realized this is a CNN clip, now it all makes sense.

  9. Why is there an audible gasp. It's their rules if they can't follow their own damn rules. then they should be put in their place. They're not there to investigate anyting they're there to make speeches and run their mouths. Its a trump hunt.. because they know no one can reach up and smack them in their f**** faces. Which is what they deserve. As usual Dems dirty and abusing the power

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