Atrocities on the rise in Syria

CNN’s Nic Robertson reports on the alarming increase in atrocities committed by both sides in the Syrian conflict. For more CNN videos, visit our site at


  1. he bit the organ not ate it all! gets ur groups morale high gives em motivation its sick but think he a warrior he showing u that u believe him rightif not i bet u do he seen that guy raping women on his cell so he said fk that i woulda burned him up

  2. u have a great point only the loser assad will loose fsa gaining ground everyday soon nato will be there and tomahawk time srry assad u fkked up u killed ur people gadaffi x2 u die same way i bet !

  3. Same as when west aided Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam now they control Iraq and Afghanistan . Now they want Syria and Lebanon after Iran then Korea. Its all a game.

  4. Cut out their tounges, strip the flesh from their bodies, castration, hanging, burried alive, raped, sodomized with various objects, eyes gouged out, stoned to death and the occassional crusifiction. I certain there are others forms of entertainment I've miss but you get the picture. But hey! It's all Israel and the Western Worlds fault. Ya Right!

  5. Have a heart! LOL More entertainment Muslim Style with a Hannibal Lector side show. These are some seriously fucked up people who will never evolve until the whole rotten structure is smashed flatter than a pancake. This is nothing new but they ripped down Truth Tube so you can't view some of the nastier forms of entertainment they enjoy. Burning people alive, stapping hand grenades to them, sawing off heads, busting legs off at the knees, high voltage, beatings, bullets, throw em off buildings.

  6. Come on did anyone expect either side to show decency? When you visit the zoo and see two tigers fighting they show more "humanity" toward each other than Muslims show each other.

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