Astronauts escape malfunctioning Soyuz rocket – BBC News

Astronauts are to make an emergency landing after their Russian Soyuz rocket malfunctioned on lift-off to the International Space Station.
Nasa said there was an “issue with the booster” and the “crew is returning to Earth in a ballistic descent mode”.
Search and rescue teams are in the air and heading towards the expected touchdown location, Nasa added.
The rocket took off from Kazakhstan with Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and US astronaut Nick Hague on board.

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  1. FAKE ,, just a big firework and they are fabricating this garbage to try and enforce their lie about outer space,, The controllers are getting very worried at the amount of humanity that are waking up to their bs lies and deceptions and the rigged reality they have created for humanity,, freemasonic circus and those astroNOTS are freemasonic ACTORS on the world stage,,

  2. Let's keep in mind this is only the second time in the Soyuz's 51 year history that it's had to do a launch abort. That's some stellar reliability right there

    That being said, hope an investigation finds the source of the problem, and good thing no one was killed. This is why launch abort systems are a thing

  3. Hope things like these will not happen in INDIA's first manned mission on moon in 2022.

    Edit : Indian space agency(ISRO) has very good record in every mission but at the end god knows what will happen.

    Like if you interested in INDIA'S first manned mission??.

  4. From BBC news app, they're reported to be in good condition.

    On a sidenote, in the news app they were addressed as 'Russian Cosmonaut'. Before asking Dr. Google, I thought cosmonaut means some sort of over-achieved or over-experienced astronaut. No, it just means "Russian Astronaut"!!

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