Anthem Official 2018 Game Awards Trailer

Check out the new Official Anthem Trailer from the 2018 Game Awards.

Through the power of the javelins, skilled pilots called lancers were able to fight back against this perilous world. But a new enemy has emerged, seeking to harness the limitless power of the Anthem. And if they succeed, nothing will stand in their way.

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  1. I admit the story of this game looks truly interesting, and I was caught off guard with the villain, I mean he looks like a well-intentioned extremist.

    Too bad this is still EA… If could change history I would definitely save BioWare from EA

  2. Played the Alpha…. this game needs a lot of work. I didn't see much originality either. If you played Division and have played a Mech game before this will not be refreshing in any way. Be warned a wait to spend your hard earned money.

  3. Anthem is just Warframe but paid and made by EA. Yea i know warframe got the prime and platinum but anthems suit and open world story is already been made by DE. Warframe is the best.

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