Angry protestors take to the streets in Paris again

In France, the city of Paris is on lockdown as protestors rampage through the City of Lights, torching vehicles and ripping down barricades as riot police shoot water and tear gas into the crowds.


  1. This is a shame. Europe must find the balance between living a relatively democratic lifestyle and at the same time protecting its nations from imploding over economic matters when the bigger threat is actually Muslim terrorists.

  2. The globalist want a civil war so they can create order out of chaos. No, we aren’t going to kill each other for their gain of world domination and ultimate power. The war will be a revolution; a revolt against the world governments pushing for this global agenda.

  3. You seem to think this is civil war but although some protests are violent especially on Saturday the rest of the movement is peaceful and is starting to accept talks with officials. We french people don’t really want Macron to resign. What we want is to close the huge gap between Paris (12 million people 25% of the GDP 1/6th of the population) and the rest of the country. We may be the most centralized developed country in the world. We also want to unify taxes which are unfair today because of 40 years of neglecting from the traditional parties. Macron is not the cause he inherited these issues

  4. I understand that they have to pay more taxes and were paying lots of taxes before but it is for a good reason. So I'm kinda on the fence because i feel bad for them paying high taxes but it will really help the world and environment.

  5. I was working at the airport with my safety vest and I almost got arrested. I was trying to steal luggage but still that's no excuse to harass the safety vest movement.

  6. "Use of tear gas in warfare (as with all other chemical weapons,) is prohibited by various international treaties that most states have signed."

    It's fine to use chemical weapons on your general population though…

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