Anderson Cooper: Trump is intentionally trying to scare you

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump’s comments about the migrants who are traveling thousands of miles toward the US-Mexico border.
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  1. Even in Canada, the people who watch CNN, MSNBC, and Colbert are seriously laughed at. I want to see a BAN on all American Media in Canada. We are starting to see some Liberal politicians claim the same FAKE nonsense that you hear from CNN, and American Dems. One thing Canadians have always known is that we are similar to Americana, but very different than Americans. However, our Liberal media and politicians are trying to tell us that we are the same as Americans and Canadian patriotism never existed. Our Liberal PM said that Canada has a white supremacy problem, and he is saying that if we don't vote for him in the next election it's because we have been influenced by the KKK, Nazi Trump supporters, and Putin. We are looking at our PM with disgrace. There is only one Donald Trump in my opinion, but Canada does need our version of a Trump to kick political correctness in the teeth and to Make Canada Great Again.

    Canada loves Trump. Canada loves America, and Canada loves God. God Bless America.

  2. Holy crap…. I just read the most amazing book – based on facts!!!! Its about Joseph Mengele (mad Nazi genetic scientist) who tried to "breed" the perfect Aryan race in a bid to dominate the world with this perfect "race of people"…. They had to have blonde hair and blue eyes and "look German"….. or hit the dumpster. Heaps obviously failed. Anyway love your blonde locks and crystal blue eyes Anderson. Keep shoving it to nasty, horrible Mr Trump mate – from Aus

  3. Yep. trump tells the masses "be scared. Be scares, and vote for the criminals I indorse. We will protect you! And vote for me in 2020. I will protect you"

  4. Why are people like Anderson Pooper so dead set on giving the rest of the world our resources? I don't give a shit wether there are terrorists in the invader mob or not. I don't give a shit who's President. Keep them out until they go through the legal process. Wtf is wrong with some of you people? Since this thread is about a week old, since then, the peaceful mob has been throwing Molotov cocktails and firing real bullets at the Mexican police. Now, there is another peaceful mob that's following the first peaceful mob. It will only continue unless it's stopped

  5. Anderson, There are no dangerous people in the caravan, LOL??? Can you guarantee that, did you investigate all 5,000 of them Anderson? Will you Anderson Cooper be responsible for every crime they commit in the USA. ?? You are such an ass hole !!! Be honest to the American people, STOP LYING AND MAKING IT SOUND LIKE THIS CARAVAN IS NO BIG DEAL!!! If you want them here, have a few of them stay at your home !!
    Regarding the 14 amendment? That was specifically made for the slaves that were kidnapped and brought to America, read history…. Finally, and listen carefully, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! HE IS PROTECTING AMERICAN JOBS, LIVES, FAMILIES AND PROPERTY!!!!.That is what we want !!.. I used to respect you but you are full of SH*T now.

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  7. No Trump is a man who CANT be bought takes no salary and has helped all races ; Trump is prayed over n with GOD/Our Border/POLICE/ICE UNIONS they endorsed him for that readon vs the establishment. Trump is not here for PEACE. . . . but a sword to the corruption., He CANNOT be harmed as hes under Gods WING of 3 Arc Angels . Time is up for those who are corrupt. . . . how can u not think a GOD is real . . . u idiots.

  8. Ah, Ah, Ah, We gotta go. Ah, Ah, Ah, We gotta go. Ah, Ah, Ah, We gotta go. Go Q-tip go Keep going Q-tip go. Ah, Ah. Ah, SPLAT! lARGE kIELBASA DOWN THROAT Q-tip? Ah, Ah, Ah, GULP Aah. That was too easy Tip. I'll be right back. I just got back fro the grocery store Q-tip. You still look hungry.

  9. Well, Well, the babbling Q-tip is up on his soapbox , AGAIN! Actually the fact that these caravans of parasites are showing up to drink our milkshake and nobody is doing squat about it is scaring us numbskull! Simple facts and truth matter. Deep thought Q-tip. The problem is we get neither from you or the fake news network. Q-tip, are you aware of a guy named Mark Dice? If not, you soon will be. He is chowing down on your viewers. He has 50% of the viewers CNN has. Mark Dice=1 guy, 1 laptop, 1 cup of coffee in his kitchen! Keep yammering hot shot!

  10. Anderson Cooper, there was i time I respected you. Know I just think Elle you are naive or you have joined the rest of CNN and are willing to lie to people to support you own biased political beliefs. There have now been interviews with people in the mob coming North. They admit being paid, receiving assistance, and yes Anderson that their are criminals and gang members in the group. So will you retract what you have said? This is the last time I watch you. You have become untrustworthy as your network has. As much as I hate to admit it you are an enemy to the citizens of the United States. Lying to manipulate people is wrong.

  11. anderson loves to have a cock up his ass and one down his throat so hes going to lecture us on what is and isn't in the world lmaooo…….remember what cuba did asshole its the same dam thing idiot……

  12. By the time you have evidence, you will have aircraft crashing into buildings. Do you want to wait that long? I would rather have them wait to come in until we can find out in advance who they are. Liberal say "let them in and we will know who they are when they kill themselves blowing up our kids".

  13. I wonder how Anderson feels when his videos on youtube have 1.7k thumbs up and 900 thumbs down lol. Your channel is losing credibility faster then its loosing ratings as you shamelessly try to smear the president, knowing in the back of your mind the whole time, that you are going to fail and trump is going to get reelected in 2020. Man, I bet it really eats your @$$ up haha

  14. Cooper scares me. To follow liberal dogma, I should be afraid of him…he’s male (*wink) and well, super white. That makes him extra scary

  15. Damn anderson you just figured this out , trump has been scaring his base since day one , and his base has fallen for it, thats why they are afraid of having a democrat in office, because of all the conspiracy theories, they scared them into thinking Muslims would rape our children, but as for me I was never fools by this orange Sasquatch.

  16. I dont understand what you guys want in america.. let everyone live in your country? didnt you see what happened in others country that let everyone in their country? dont just watch CNN or Fox

  17. Simple facts matter….these are not refugees. Refugees are from war torn countries or countries where a massive natural disaster has occurred. If the new definition of refugee is the poor then why are we hearing about these 7,000 and not the millions of homeless, mind you homeless, not just poor, in this country? You want to talk about the poor in this country? It's in the 10's of millions. Why are you making so much hay about the humanitarian necessity to care for these 7,000 when we have 10's of millions right here we can't even take care of.
    Simple facts matter…

  18. Ugh the opioid legislation bragging makes me so livid. President Obama tried to get the exact same package through and met with obstinate Republican opposition—just because they didn’t want to give him a win, the people be damned. They passed a fraction of what the White House plan requested. Under trump they felt they had cover for the spending because it’s a Republican President and they knew they had a plan in their back pockets to gut Medicare, Medicaid and social security on the back end of their tax cuts for the wealthiest people, so it was okay to actually pass legislation that would do some good.

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