Anderson Cooper mocks lawmaker's use of props on Senate floor

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist looks at Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) use of poster-board sized pictures to mock the Green New Deal, the proposed Democratic solution to climate change. #CNN #News


  1. I feel like the millennial generation doesn't take governing seriously. AOC and the Democrats are trying to address a serious problem with serious answers, even if they are drastic in scope. The GOP and this fool on the Senate floor decide to try and discredit that by using memes and large signs, just to appear relatable to the masses. When the government has resulted in Aquaman being shown on the floor, the party is who presented is responsible. Almost as responsible as the fools who voted them in.

  2. Cooper making fun of Mike Lee for joking, while Coopers jokes were fricken lame. He was trying to be pull the same thing but it was just a train wreck. Stick to FAKE NEWS cooper.

  3. That was an epic and hilarious presentation by Mike Lee…highlighting the problems with the Green New deal perfectly….i recommend anyone interested to watch the whole video to get the context.

  4. So…No acknowledgement of what the senator's point was with the ridiculousness of the new Green deal? That part a multi-Billion dollar network with tons of staff somehow missed? Either you all are incompetent, or night after night you straight up lie. Either way you should aren't fit to read the news, let alone report it.

  5. Mike Lee just beat down AOC and The Democrats. Stop cutting and show the damn video! If a Democrat did a presentation like this mocking republicans you would be on your knees ready to…blow

  6. You dont have to ridicule this guy. Look at what he is doing. The Republicans Vote for Child Molesters all the time. A retarded person is similar in stature. Imagine your kids seeing their father doing this and going to school. The Kids Punching him saying We know you drew that Picture. Your ratarded Father and you are Morons.The kid might as Well be Sue

  7. If you hadn't butchered the video, you would have seen that he said he was taking his presentation with the same seriousness as the green new deal.
    But perhaps that's why you butchered it.

  8. I see Super STUPID like looking at the Super Friends. Boyyyyyy anybody can be president and a senator. America don't give a damn ANYMORE. First Meadows bring a black woman for a prop, Now this clown showing a picture of Aquaman

  9. Stupid CNN fake news doesn’t understand sarcasm. Watch the whole speech. Mike Lee was showing how much seriousness the Green New Deal deserves. Smh stupid CNN.

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