An important discussion on the place of the female pundit in football with Rachel Brown-Finnis

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After Alex Scott had to defend herself on Twitter after comments on her punditry, fellow England international Rachel Brown-Finnis discussed the criticism she receives in her new job and the right to pass comment on the men’s game.


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  1. Get over it people. They’re not there to always take the sexism card, it’s just because of all the comments now. So stop and let’s just talk about football, all we need is intelligent pundits, not necessarily male former players.

  2. Most football fans really don’t mind women pundits. Alex Scott is a top pundit. Women’s football is not at the same level as men’s but that doesn’t mean we should exclude women from conversation about the Men’s game. The fact is Alex Scott is a pioneer and is respected by the vast majority. I can’t even think of one reason why people are against this.

  3. The simple fact is if a female pundit knows their stuff than that is fair enough, however women's football is very different in terms of quality and style, there are certain areas that I feel they don't have much experience of. But to slag them off for simply being female is just wrong, it does seem that female pundits are being thrust into the limelight possibly too early.

  4. So people are saying that because they havent played at Elite level they shouldnt be there.

    Guess what if clubs followed this moronic pathway and only employed ex elite players as managers then people like Sacchi, Mourinho, Wenger, Benitez would be serving fries at McD right now.

  5. Maybe if we put a value on players cognition, spacial understanding, and decision making rather than their physicality, technique, or aggressiveness; we would we not look at gender or level played at to distinguish whether a person understands and can speak about football. Just a thought.

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