American hospitalized in North Korea

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The health of Kenneth Bae, sentenced to fifteen years hard labor in North Korea for “hostile acts,” is failing. More from CNN at


  1. You're the one making the radical claims. I just want proof they're starving people. The only thing you've given me is the name of a food they give them and that's not starvation. Starvation is no food at all. That's common sense.

  2. Your lack of information/knowledge of the industrial prison system doesn't negate facts. Do some research..go tour a prison, I counseled/taught prisoners for nearly 10 years in 20 prisons throughout the southeast. Nutiloaf is a form of's used as punishment every single day. Where is one single shred of evidence that N.Korean prisoners are starved? I've looked, I can't find one reliable data seems to only be rumors, speculation and innuendo. The burden of proof is on you

  3. The reason why I asked is because I looked for quite some time on information about starved prisoners and I came up with absolutely nothing. Besides, you're making a very extreme claim, and its your claim, the burden of proof is obviously on you. You can't just throw out that our government is starving its prisoners and expect it to hold up without any proof.

  4. use google, I shouldn't have to spoon feed you the currently available knowledge because you are too stupid to look it up yourself…that 5th grade debate tactic is stale.

  5. Daniel Chong…the most recent case that comes to mind, granted it wasn't a deliberate starvation…of course, right at this very moment prisoners across the united states are starving themselves..not to mention the ones held in the gitmo dungeon, half of which have been found INNOCENT and are still kept detained and tortured. Not too much of a difference between the two cultures…evil controlling cunts vs. evil controlling cunts. you would think 7 billion could rise above them all…

  6. America starves inmates, indefinite solitary, rapes, murders, keeps admittedly innocent men captive in dungeons for 12 years+, by the very definition several southern states run gulags. In america, the president murders 17yo boys with hellfire missles…along with innocent women and children, murders and imprisons journalist. Many, many, many people are "removed" from society every day…2,000,000 imprisoned in the USA, N.korea has maybe 25,000 total…who's the bad guy again?

  7. But we don't starve the inmates, beat them, tell the guards to treat them as though they were no longer human, kill a good percentage of them or refuse them healthcare. You've never read anything about North Korean camps. They're not prisons, they're gulags, they take people there for everything from saying something bad about the kims to accidentally ruining a picture of them. Many of them simply disappear and are never even heard from again. Their gov't even denies the existence of the camps.

  8. You are 100% incorrect on all points. Prison is not community college and plenty (22 states) have outdoor forced labor. If you only had access to the internet, you might not live a life of stupidity. Educate yourself, fool.

  9. You've never really read anything about north korean prison camps if you actually believe that. We don't have work camps, we have either vocational training, rehabilitation or employment for our prisoners.

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