Amazing FIRST LOOK at Nextgen Gaming GRAPHICS!

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I showcase and breakdown some of the latest footage of next-gen gaming graphics and technology!

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Links to the Original Trailer Sources:
CryEngine: ►
UnrealEngine: ► …


  1. will only be as good as your internet is so why get excited internet services that would allow these games to stream at this level would only be attainable to people who can afford 200 bucks a month to be privileged enough to make the games worth the games as a service monthly and weekly price tag along with that so yeah cost of living and the cost of that level of Internet is going to turn gaming to the lifestyles of the rich and infamous much like consoles did back in the day.

  2. That's engine footage, that always looks a hundred times (figuratively) better than a real game made in that engine.
    But the destruction sure looks fun. Not that much better than games like Red Faction: Guerilla, which is 10 years old now.
    So none of this really impresses me, I'd have to see the actual finished game.

  3. I love watching other content creators hyping information, goto look at it and go "Oh, Skulzi TV did this 2days/5 days/ 2 weeks ago, and your only now catching up to this old news".

  4. I hope they will not forget that the gameplay , not the graphics is the most important think in the video games !.I rather play Tomb Raider 1,2,3,4 from 2001 , than the new one with awesome graphics and really bad gameplay from 2013,2015,2018 !

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