AirPods for Android?!

Now that the headphone jack is dead… exploring the best wireless earbuds for Android!

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Google Pixel Buds:
Jaybird Run:
Jaybird X3:
Bose SoundSport Free:
Bragi Dash:
Jabra Elite Sport:
Erato Apollo 7:
Yevo 1:



  1. Jabra 65t's are better and I got mine for $150. Better sound, stay in my ears better, work perfectly during running or a workout, and they match the air pods in every other way except instant pairing. So do you want one feature that doesn't matter or better earphones in every other way?

  2. Wait so I can't connect the airpods to a Android phone like a Z981 phone? Cuz a friend of mine connected his airpods to his Samsung phone and it worked I'm curious if as long as I have Bluetooth on my phone I'll be just fine?

  3. Terrific video (Subscribed). Do another follow-up video for "wireless ear buds for Android" but see if the audiophile brands have wireless bluetooth buds…I haven't looked into this yet. Brands like AKG (if they make wired buds…), Audio Technica, Grado, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamics…etc.

  4. at 10:35 you said most people don't have android and iPhone, hmmm I bet you are wrong, I have iPhone XR and Pixel XL, and I got a lot of my buddies having way more , phones are like clothes these days…lol, you wear the one that best suits the occasion you are going to.

  5. Jut switched to the Note 9 from the iPhone 6S (The last good iPhone). Apple engineers are lazy now and can't even put the headphone jack back in the phone let alone excite anyone anymore.

  6. I don’t know if any of you noticed this, or just don’t care (understandably); but I just got myself a 4K 55” Screen TV (I know, it’s late 2018, but I live in Mexico and hadn’t had the chance (lack of money) to get one, but anyway, first time I watch this video on 4K and (I finally arrived at my point) am I the only one seeing that 1 hair protruding from Marquees’ head? I usually watch this videos on my crappy iPhone 7 screen, so I’ve never noticed it… am I the only one? Please, let me know.

  7. Airpods are worth the money , sound quality on the airpods are way above average I love them ,it's the only apple product I own and yes the pause and play does work using my Android phone

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