A total solar eclipse sweeping across the US- BBC News

A total solar eclipse will sweep across the US, from Oregon to South Carolina
It’s the first such eclipse to go from the west to east coasts of the US in 100 years
Experts warn never to look directly at the Sun with the naked eye
Several cities are near or on the path of totality, including St Louis, Nashville and Charleston
The eclipse makes landfall in Oregon at 17:16 GMT and leaves the US in South Carolina 18:48 GMT

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  1. I saw this down in Kentucky and was amazed by such am majestic sight.

    The joy of our Solar system, our galaxy and universe, our world as one people, for a brief moment putting aside our petty politics, Our insignificant fights and our to come together as one people to enjoy the beauty this Universe has to offer.

    This was something for people to look forward to, And enjoy a brief moment together. Even if it was just a moment, It was the most peaceful This Nation has had in a long time.

  2. St. Matthew 12:39

    "A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah."

    The sign of the prophet Jonah was a total eclipse of the sun. Although not mentioned in the Bible records confirm there was a total eclipse of the sun as Jonah began to proclaim "yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown. Jonah 3:4. As a result the people fasted and prayed and the City was not destroyed.

    How many today regard the eclipse of the sun as a sign from God rather than entertainment? Forty days brings us to September 30th.

  3. It would be hilarious if everyone traveled to see the eclipse but then it turned out to be a crappy day and started raining and clouds covered the whole thing

  4. Thanks a bunch BBC for the truly terrible production choices. We wait four and a half minutes of this video for the transcendent moment where the last of the sun's disc disappears into utter blackness for a split-second and the corona blazes out – only for you to inexplicably cut away at the vital moment to a long-shot in which it's barely visible.

    You then spend most of the rest of the video intermittently pointing out how lucky it is we get multiple bites of the cherry due to filming from planes – but then somehow dodge the best part again and again, flipping back and forth apparently at random between mid-totality, pre-totality and long shots every few seconds, seemingly dead set on preventing the viewers from experiencing any actual immersion or open-mouthed wonder.

    The presenter waffles on, while the expert fails to elucidate anything very clearly – partly due to the constantly skipping footage making it hard to weave a consistent narrative, partly due to a tendency to sit there going "Wow" and laughing instead of imparting knowledge. Even when presented with an open goal like "Here you have the sun, 400 times the size of the moon, how does the moon blot it out", which is crying out for a simple response of "It's also 400 times closer" that anyone could understand as explaining the incredible neatness, she instead wanders off vaguely into "Er the fact that the moon is er so much closer to us than the sun it er pretty much blocks out the face of the sun". Well yes, that goes for my hand too if I hold it up in front of my eyes, but that's not the point is it?

    They even belatedly remember to flag up the dangers of looking at the sun halfway into totality, by which point it's all going to be pretty academic as anyone still unaware will have already had the damage done, while anyone watching the footage won't be watching the actual eclipse. Tremendous work all round.

  5. BBC is fake NooooZ,
    They are liberal propaganda, don't trust them on anything. Literally don't support these idiots even though they have decent nature

    Down with libtarded BBC!

    They are definitely going to burn in hell..
    lol have fun 🔥🔥

  6. People who think this is more then a giant rock moving over a giant ball of fire (more accurately between the giant ball of fire and a slightly larger rock with life and water) your failing to see that it is completely explainable by science and math, plus it will not always be this way, several thousand years from now the moon won't even have a full eclipse anymore.

  7. I live in TN and it was bright and sunny all day until the eclipse's peak, then storms came through and all hell broke loose. Lucky for me when the clouds started to thin, they filtered the sun's intense light and I was able to get some fairly good shots with my digi camera w/o any special lenses or protection. Looked like a big, giant very bright half moon by the time I could see it

  8. spectacular. Checkout our videos—-Australian parakeets-celestial beings. Also: Drive in Santa Ana & Enterprise Drive,Aliso Viejo & Laguna Beach & UTC-La Jolla Crossroads-Jewish Synagogue . Enjoy

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