5+ Michigan Football Players To Sit Out Bowl Game Vs. Florida – Latest Michigan Football Rumors

Michigan Football Insider James Yoder went live on Facebook and Twitter to break this developing story that 5 or more Michigan Football players are skipping the Peach Bowl vs. Florida and will not practice with the team of make the trip to Atlanta – all this and more on today’s Michigan Football Report.

The 5 Michigan Football players that James ( has heard will announce their decision to not play in the bowl game are:

Rashan Gary – JR, DE…


  1. After beating Florida 2 times in a row, arrogant Michigan fans were bragging and making statements such as "we will beat all these Florida and SEC teams in the future". Using the term "natty" as if they should part of that conversation. Harbaugh holds a spring practice in Florida and gets great national attention because of it. Well a couple of years later Michigan loses to a Florida team, FSU and to a SEC team, South Carolina. Then all we hear about is the #1 Defense in the nation and a Don Brown coached team. Yet a Brown coached team has never beaten Dabo or Jimbo or Urban. So what conclusion can one draw from all of this. Michigan gets more media attention than they deserve because they have a large alumni and nation wide fan base. They travel well to bowl games and have a large television audience. Pretty good for a team who has a life time losing bowl record and has won only one co-championship in 70 years. But when you are a media darling this is the treatment you receive. Michigan receives more media attention than teams of merit such as Clemson receives. And what a joke the national attention Don Brown's defense has received compared to Clemson's Brent Venables. Venables defense can beat the Alabama's and Ohio State's. Where Brown's defense's has a history of losing to these teams but gets great publicity for racking up great stats against mediocre teams.

  2. Shame on them   When you come to Michigan or any school you play all the games unless too injured to play   Yank their scholarships  right now .   These are not Michigan men in any way   I am beyond disappointed

  3. Pretty sad. What a bunch this is. If you watched some of these guys in tough games and some of th essy games, you saw the players they were all along. Bunch of prima donnas. I think this is poor honestly. Team captain. Wow.

  4. As a fan this is ridiculous. These players need to be held responsible and sign contracts about playing the entire season. The school paid for your education, which even if you do get hurt, your still going to make at least 75,000 a year with whatever degree you earned. All of this "using schools" to earn millions in the nfl is ridiculous. These players dont care about the school. They just use the facilities there and say bye bye. Make players sign contracts where if they bail on the school, they must pay a penalty of 25% if their contract for life in the nfl.

  5. So the so-called #1 defense who gave up 62 points to OSU is going to be without 4 starters for the bowl game? Guess they don't want their stock to drop even farther than it did after the OSU game.

  6. I wouldn’t blame this kids for sitting down.. there is no more dignity,commitment, pride and honor in today’s sports… its all about the Benjamin’s!!!

  7. That’s why I love my buckeyes,that’s why Michigan can’t beat Ohio State it’s a brotherhood and you never leave your brother behind…Half of Ohio State starters if not more are going pro…Everyone on our roster will play

  8. Despicable of course I am not against skipping bowl games. After what happened to Jake butt, in the bowl, cost him millions of dollars. Especially when you see that happen, and are a fan of him, you should understand that ther especially when you see that happen, and are a fan of him, you should understand that they might skip

  9. I'm mostly disappointed with Higdon……a senior captain who's playing in the senior bowl but not the Peach Bowl? That's a slap in the face to your teammates and your supposed to be their captain……..

  10. If I was elected captain, I wouldn't sit out. Not the kind of leadership I would want to leave as an example for the underclassmen. More of a yes and no response, if I was a projected 1st round draft pick, I would probably sit out. The ones opting to sit out are 2nd to 4th round picks.

  11. Yoder you do everything you can to maximize your earnings, so should these players. They have put their blood, sweat and tears in this. Their careers are so short in the NFL, it's time for them to look out for their future. The season died in Columbus, this is not the playoffs or even the Rose bowl.

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