5 Bike Accessories Under $65 on Amazon

Amazing bike accessories you can buy on Amazon and Kickstarter.
Product to Buy
5. Go by LIVI:
4. GI CO2 Inflation Amazon US:
Amazon Internacional:
3. Quad Lock Out Front Amazon US:
Amazon Internacional:
2. Kryptonite Bicycle Security Amazon US:


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  3. hey Go Livi, if you're so interested in "safety" why the fuck is that idiot woman wearing headphones while cycling? Of course you know how stupid and dangerous that is no? Why are you promoting an inherently unsafe practice??!!

  4. Couldn't find Rinsten spring on Amazon, but RRP on website is $49.95 ! Not bad for a bit of wire with a couple of bends in it. You could get a fully sprung comfortable seat on eBay for that price !

  5. The rinston spring is complete BULLSHIT. It will not save you any energy. It will make u waste energy because some pedaling energy is lost in the spring. If or saves energy then why don't pro racers use it? Because it wastes energy

  6. 5 Bike Accessories Under $25 on Amazon

    5) Go by LIVI is an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign ( Not Amazon) $68
    4) Genuine Innovations G2628 Ultraflate Plus CO2 Tire Inflator $17.99
    3) Quad Lock Out Front Mount Price $39.95 on Amazon
    2) Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket $13.85 on Amazon
    1) Rinsten Spring Black Matt Full Set another Kickstarter and that is $33 if you pre-order now.

    So the title of the video is wrong. there is 3 items on Amazon and 2 out of the 5 items shown in the video are under $25

    The description of the video is wrong. "Amazing bike accessories you can buy on Amazon and Kickstarter" it should say Amazing bike accessories you can buy on Amazon OR Kickstarter. But that doesn't matter. The Title of the video is misleading in order to get people to click on it.

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