3 Unique Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

You like unique, unusual and cool gadgets. Today I’ll unbox 3 gadgets and they’re all a bit different. Which of these 3 gadgets is your favorite? Product link are below.

Revolcam –

Minirig Speaker (USA Link) –
Minirig Speaker (International) –

Aura Drone with Glove (USA Link) –
Aura Drone with Glove (International) -…


  1. The speaker and sub seem like a good system, I go fishing and need some new speakers especially ones with a sub! But the little droan is awesome, well the droan is obviously nothing special at all but that control system on the glove is great! It looks really easy to get to grips with! It flips by turning your hand over, how long would that take to master with a small joystick? Too long!! If you put one on each hand you could have a little race or have them follow each other by just using your hand gestures! It would be really easy for you to control 2 droans at the same time with a lot of control, you would be stood there like a composer wafting your hands around while 2 little droans dance around!! Awesome little gadgets

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