2019 Technical Regulation Changes Explained

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All the details you need to know on the regulation changes that will increase overtaking and promote closer racing than ever in 2019.

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  1. They are just slowly getting back to the old v12 f1 cars year by year, and making ot look like they are changing something, almost evrything has been getting wider or larger in size, real wings , tyres, front wings, things extending and becoming thicker, dont people see what they're doing here, its obvious.

  2. Honestly I hate constant regulation changes should be the same! Plus I miss the good old days of the V10 and 8! Also kinda miss how the cars looked from like 2010 -13 maybe even a bit earlier as well😕 also I REALLY HATE HOW THE NEW TIRES WILL LOOK IN 2021 ugliest tires ever🤮🤮

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