2018 Midterms: Democrats Won the House. Here’s What’s Next. | NYT News

The Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, adding several women to their ranks. The party now has the power to investigate President Trump. Here’s how else Democrats may challenge the president.

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  1. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats need someone who will represent the Democratic voters and is willing to fight back against the Nazi (GOP) party. She's clearly stated that she will continue her gutless approach and abandon the wishes of the voters.

  2. Stop listening to stooges talking out their arses. You are wrong about Trump. Watch 80's interviews. Everyone was asking him to run.

    No one's pet issues really matter. It is always America vs Global Communism.
    Look into China's 'Cultural Revolution' and the tactics of the Maoist radicals.
    Do you want that in the USA?
    Is that YOU?

  3. Being from California, I always vote Democrat, I think every big Metropolitan area looks better with tent cities full of illegal aliens, drug addicts, drifters and bums living off my tax dollars, Who cares if our state is bankrupt and the tax base of high earners are leaving ! we can bring in that caravan of Hondurans in to replace them, since immigrants are supposed to help a economy, , and I actually enjoy the smell of urine and stepping in human feces when I visit San Francisco

  4. Why you Democrats really think this is going to do anything? They're nothing but a bunch of racists. The minorities are who really lost cuz now they're under the thumb of the Democrats who think they are the only people that can save them from themselves, it's disgusting. Whatever happened to individual responsibility?

  5. the tension between 2 parties in-office is the brilliant part of the american system. hopefully elected people will work with each other for the larger good of america, and put partisan maneuverings aside, though that hasn't happened much the last 20 years. corporate media, the internet…politics has changed.

  6. Lol, absent on this list is Ocacio Cortez who will likely be given a where's Waldo book to keep her from making any more embarrassing public appearances. I doubt she will find him.

  7. All this lunatics with russian-phobia. Russian Special Services are in terrible shape, failure following failure, but yes, at the same time they singlehandedly decide the fate of most powerful nation on Earth.

  8. That's the Democrat party today. Pushing multiculturalism and promoting identity politics. We gotta have a "first "this" and a "first that" . At the end of the day, all these individuals are going to strive for is destroying this nation and turning it into a third world commune. Rule under anarchy!

  9. We fought hard this year. The victories we made are not inconsequential. Do not be disappointed. Do not lose hope. Obama said that change never comes with just one election, let alone overnight. Stay engaged. Keep voting. See you all in 2020.

  10. Hahahaha you guys elected Alexdria Cortez? Hahhahahahahhahahahahha, that alone goes to show how dumb the left is. Good luck with that ya idiots.

  11. all the democrats did was create a foil for President Trump to use as fuel for his re-election in 2020, and you don't need a time traveling DeLorean DMC-12 to see that!

  12. Most of the people I talk to are on the same , socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Why are we not together into different groups Republican and Democrat. It seems like it's just a control Factor from people in power. Most people are actually independent they just have to choose a side because of his broken system we have

  13. Conservatives . . . turn out the lights, the party's over, they say that all orange pigs must end …

    Your dear leader is now the lamest of lame ducks for the next two years, until he is replaced.

    No wall
    No more tax cuts for the wealthy
    No more trying to undo Obamacare
    No more ripping kids from their parents

    Best of all let the investigations begin. Now your dear leader trump and his crime family will have nowhere to hide.


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