’12 Years a Slave’ Director: ‘We’re Very Proud’

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The cast and crew including best supporting actress Lupita Nyong’o discusses the best picture win.


  1. Why aren't there movies about the slavery if whites in the USA? Two historically accurate books are, White cargo and the 2nd is They were white and they were slaves." Irish and African people in the UK and the USA are distant relatives.
    Just food for thought and I didn't write the damn book( laugh). Wonder why our grandparents and history teachers forgot to inform us or did they forget? Who knows fuck it. Just good reads for the civilized.

  2. Sorry Lupita but you have the body of a 12 year old boy, if you're dress would have fallen nobody would've cared. The Alek Wek look only works for Alek(if you're wondering who she is, Google her). Your face was flawless though. Other than that, another night where all the black men that matter show up with their white nubian queens and want us to celebrate our "triumph" over slavery. I would but you need to your white broad off first, I can't see.

  3. Sooo happy Lupita won,she gave a stellar performance in 12 Years a Slave to the point where you could feel her daily anguish and suffering & what an amazing speech she gave😊#intelligence&realbeauty!

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